Cloud Computing

The Cloud’s productivity-enhancing, money-saving solutions are just what the doctor ordered for many small- and medium-sized businesses.

When your company moves its computing to the cloud, employees have on-demand access to servers, databases, and software applications, from anywhere at any time -- and your provider handles all the maintenance and management for you.

And with Intechrity as your cloud provider, your business will reap the rewards of slashed costs, enhanced collaboration between employees, and a significant reduction to your software and hardware burden.

But that’s just the start of a long list of opportunities presented by the cloud, which include:

  • Office 365 - Microsoft’s internet-based version of productivity tools that gives your team easy access to Word, Excel, emails, calendars and more, regardless of the number of users, their locations, or their devices.
  • Scalability - enjoy the freedom to increase resources in real time to account for additional users.
  • Pay-per-use Plans - allow companies to pay for only the resources they use.

Cloud computing with Intechrity is the new way of doing things, leaving behind the traditional method of accessing your productivity tools and applications from your office’s network server or your local drive. It’s the new way, and the more efficient way.