Disaster Recovery Planning

A detailed, structured disaster recovery plan is an integral part of your business’s overall IT program.

Without one, you leave yourself open to major problems -- potentially the complete closure of your company -- in the event that disaster strikes your business. But with Intechrity’s disaster recovery consulting, you’ll be fully prepared for the worst.

Together we’ll develop a strategy that ensures your business can weather major equipment failure caused by a falling tree, a lightning strike, a hurricane, or theft. It will be customized to your precise situation, and will include:

  • Redundant data backups and automatic archiving
  • Virtualization of servers to reduce downtime after failures
  • Remote offsite storage to ensure secure data and compliance
  • Clear documentation of steps to be taken after a downtime event
  • Fast recovery processes for your databases, files, and emails

Intechrity combines planning, prevention, and restoration to keep your company always in position to do business as normal, no matter what obstacles you encounter. Let us help you develop a disaster recovery plan today, so you’ll be guaranteed a profitable tomorrow.